Male Orgasms

The male orgasm usually involves the ejaculation of sperm. The orgasm is not just about ejaculation its about the experience and the feeling. A male can have an orgasm and not ejaculate.

During the male sex act his thrusts become less voluntary and the other muscles in his body begin to contract rhythmically. A man can have an orgasm and ejaculate a few seconds after the orgasm, there are even some men who do not ejaculate but can still have an orgasm. Some men can ejaculate and have several orgasms following that without ejaculating again, when this occurs it is called male multiple orgasm. As the orgasm begins the heart rate, blood pressure and respiration all increase.

The male orgasm has psychological effects as well as physical effects. Some men report feeling it in their scrotum and in the genital region while others report it as a feeling that spreads to other parts of their body and others say they feel their orgasms all over. Now how much of this psychological and how much of it is physical is very hard to tell.

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